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Compnies/ Corporate Bloggers can send other members requests to appoint them as their business manager. These members can have any type of CAMOONI account (Networker, Content Creator or Company). That way, companies can task members of staff with managing their CAMOONI account or an agency that helps them with their social media activities.

If you’re an agency and would like to manage CAMOONI accounts on your customers’ behalf, becoming a business manager is just the right solution for you. Your customers can simply register as Corporate Bloggers on CAMOONI and then send you a request to add you as their business manager.

In general, CAMOONI members can manage as many business manager accounts as they like. You can change your account type at any time. If you manage 5 or more business manager accounts, you’ll have access to a search feature which makes it faster and easier for you to navigate between the various accounts.

There are two types of page roles for business managers that differ in terms of their access rights and roles: Administrator and moderator.

Only the page owner has access to personal settings or the option to buy credit using a company credit card. The MyChat personal messaging system is also unavailable to business managers. Please refer to this table for an overview of all rights.



We help corporate bloggers with their social media planning. Corporate Bloggers and their business managers can save blogshot drafts (up to 21 days in advance) and select a date and time for posting them. This option is provided when creating a corporate blogshot. These blogshots are then saved in the primetime list.

The primetime list is available in your user account.

If a business manager has been assigned the "moderator" page role, that person can only save and edit blogshots there, meaning that the page owner or one of your administrators will need to approve blogshot drafts saved there before they can be posted. If the posting date and time already expired before you or an administrator approved a blogshot, a new date and time must be selected as the blogshot will not be posted without permission. This primetime list overview helps to avoid sending e-mails back and forth.

If the posting date and time already expired, you can choose a new date and time as follows:

  • Click on the pen symbol in the top right-hand corner of the blogshot and select edit.
  • Review the content to make sure everything is still correct.
  • Now select a new date and time for posting and click on post.

Once a blogshot has been posted, you and your Followers will be able to see it on your MySite. It will also be listed as a showcase on the GlobalSite if you opted for this paid feature. If you choose to post your blogshot as a paid showcase as well, the due amount won’t be deducted from your credit until it appears online. Further details about this are provided in our GTC.




As a registered Company / Corporate Blogger, you have access to a number of optional paid features. To use such features, you first need to purchase credit which you can use with any of the paid features on the platform. The amount due for a paid feature you use is simply deducted from the credit in your account. Purchase credit as and when you need it. You’re not tied into a subscription. That way you avoid having to run through the payment process every time you use a paid feature. 


1. How to buy credit:

Step 1:

  • Click on ‘settings’ to visit your customer account. Please click on ‘company details’ and complete all of the fields there. 

Step 2:

  • Visit the ‘settings’, followed by ‘credit account’. Now you can buy credit for your account.
  • Click on the shopping cart icon titled ‘buy credit now’. You’ll then be redirected to our shop, which is also available via the main menu.
  • In the shop you can choose the credit amount you’d like to buy. The minimum amount is 5 euros (net) and the maximum amount is 100 euros (net). It’s not possible to buy amounts in cents. We provide a list of the most commonly booked amounts per usage volume to help you decide and make a quick selection.

Your current credit status, order history and invoices are provided in your credit account. Invoices are also available for download as a PDF file immediately after purchasing credit. 

2. Payment methods

Credit can be purchased using a credit card (Mastercard or VISA) or via PayPal. We don’t store your payment details and don’t pass it on to third parties. Payment is made securely via BS Payone, Germany.
All prices are net and in euros. Companies whose registered office is in Germany are subject to 19% statutory VAT. Pricing is available in our business box.

Further details are provided in our GTC and Privacy Policy, both of which are available in the footer. 


Showcases are blogshots you as a Company / Corporate Blogger post on our GlobalSite for promotional purposes and appear with the SHOWCASE badge. 

Posting paid blogshots on the GlobalSite as a SHOWCASE: 

  • Reach your target audience: When creating a blogshot you can choose a category, language and target audience age. When members filter blogshots by country, your blogshots will appear in the country in which you registered.
  • Global ranking: Each individual blogshot is in with a chance of a high ranking – the better the quality, the more likely your blogshot will be ranked higher.
  • Check your competitors: Compare your blogshots with those from other companies in the same category - it's a quick and easy way for you to learn what kind of posts work best in the CAMOONITY.
  • Social media planning made easy: You choose a date and time to post your blogshots (primetime list)

Posting free blogshots on the MySite (your profile page):

  • You can post blogshots on your MySite completely free of charge for your followers. Such blogshots do not have the SHOWCASE badge as they’re shown to followers, i.e. people who actively chose to follow your company. 

Please refer to our business box for further details about buying credit, the primetime list an the prices. 



Avoid high fees and save your employees’ time and effort by having them run tedious searchesOur CUT system provides you with instant matches. 

The search feature lets you run searches based on the following criteria: Languagecountrycategorygenderage and number of followers on CAMOONI. (Follower numbers on other networks can be found in cooper references). You can also choose whether Bloggers should be represented by an agency or a manager. 

Negotiate the easy way: Set a price range for a text, image or video post, or select products you’d like to provide as payment. This is an approximate value so you know whether your budget is roughly in line with the cooper’s prices.  

cooper profile includes a simple sed card with a brief description of the candidate’s categories and languages as well as a list of references for the external blog pagesA contact form lets you get in touch with a cooper or their representative directly and then handle any subsequent negotiations and agreements without us getting involved in any way. 

Your corporate account includes a list of every cooper for which you already bought sed cards (these coopers no longer appear when running a search). You can rate past cooperations with coopers and add notes to keep track of your experience with them. 

Report black sheepIf a cooper intentionally adds incorrect details to their cooper profile, you can report them to us via their sed card. 

We won’t charge you if you don’t select a cooper from the listYou will only be charged to view sed cards in the search. Fees are deducted from your credit, so you don’t have any recurring transactions. You can purchase as many sed cards as you like. We don’t charge commission and there are no hidden costs.  

Tip: If you see a yellow cooper button on a Blogger’s MySite (profile page), you can click on the button to view their sed card and save yourself the trouble of having to search the net looking for more information about them 

Further details about pricing and buying credit are available by clicking on the corresponding buttons in our business box, and you can also access this information in our GTC and the FAQ. 

Legal information about purchased sed cards: 
Sed cards are only to be uses in the coop management. Nevertheless, Corporate Bloggers can download and duplicate sed cards after purchasing them for internal purposes. Reselling or publishing sed cards is strictly prohibited. CAMOONI holds the exclusive rights to use sed cards and their content.  
Please refer to our GTC for more information. 

CAMOONI price list - November 2019

Please refer to the PDF-file for prices



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All prices are net in euros. Pricing for companies based in Germany are subject to 19% statutory VAT.
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