General Terms of use

for the CAMOONI network 


§ 1 General 

(1) The CAMOONI network, which can be used by way of a website (hereafter referred to as CAMOONI), is the subject of these General Terms of Use governing the binding relationship between users and the provider, CAMOONI GmbH, Heimhuder Strasse 63, 20148 Hamburg, Germany (hereafter referred to as Provider) that is entered into by accessing the network. These General Terms of Use have no effect on the General Terms and Conditions for the CAMOONI network, the community rules, the Provider’s Privacy Policy or any other terms the Provider has put in place for other services. 

(2) The Provider reserves the right to amend these General Terms of Use from time to time, and to update them in line with technical and legal developments.  


§ 2 Equality  

Texts within the CAMOONI network should be easy to read, therefore CAMOONI uses the gender-neutral singular form in order to avoid having to write he/she to reflect both genders. Whenever possible, bloggerblogster, cooper and members are referred to in the plural to avoid matching singular nouns with plural pronouns.  


§ 3 Intellectual property 

CAMOONI contains all kinds of data and information subject to trademarks and/or copyrights held by the Provider or, in certain cases, by third parties. This for example also includes the black-sheep-button, with which content can be reported. For this reason, you are prohibited from downloading, reproducing and disseminating CAMOONI, in full or in part, unless granted express permission to do so by the Provider. You may, above all, technically reproduce CAMOONI for browsing purposes, provided you do not do so for economics purposes. You may also permanently reproduce CAMOONI for your own use. 


§ 4 Liability  

(1) The Provider is liable for CAMOONI content to the extent permitted by law, but is not responsible for content provided or forwarded by bloggers or users. This includes, in particular, forum and or blog posts as well as posted and linked images, videos, graphics, etc. No warranty will be provided and no liability will be accepted for the identity of authors, nor for the correctness, accuracy, usability and completeness of information on CAMOONI. Accordingly, the Provider accepts no liability for errors, inaccuracies or incomplete content on CAMOONI, nor for loss or damage incurred as a result of using CAMOONI content that was published, sent by e-mail or transferred in some other way via the services provided on CAMOONI.  

(2) The Provider is not liable for technical outages of the CAMOONI network or login functionality. Full use of the CAMOONI’s feature set requires the latest (browser) technologies and app updates along with the activation of, for instance, JavaScript, cookies and pop-ups. The use of outdated technologies and apps may lead to limitations of service. 

(3) References and links to third-party websites do not mean that the Provider appropriates said references or links. Such content does not constitute any responsibility on the part of the Provider for the data and information provided there. The Provider does not have any influence on the content provided on linked webpages. The Provider therefore assumes no liability for illegal, incorrect or incomplete content, nor for damage caused as a result of using content provided by way of a link. 

(4) The Provider is liable without limitation in the event of deliberate acts or gross negligence. However, in the event of minor negligence, the Provider is only liable for breaches of material contractual (cardinal) duties. Liability as a result of breaching a cardinal duty is limited to contractually typical damage, the occurrence of which the Provider had to reckon with at the time of conclusion of contract on the basis of the circumstances known at that time. 

(5) The preceding liability limitations also apply correspondingly in favour of the Provider’s vicarious agents. They do not apply, however, in the event of injury to life, limb or health. Liability pursuant to the German Product Liability Act remains unaffected. 


§ 5 Final provisions 

(1) These General Terms of Use are governed by German law. For customers who are merchants, legal entities under public law or separate public estates, the legal venue for any and all disputes arising in connection with contractual relationships between such customers and the Provider shall be the Provider’s registered office.  


(2)  Should any of the individual provisions set out in these General Terms of Use be or become ineffective and/or violate statutory provisions, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The contracting parties will mutually agree to replace the ineffective provision with one that legally comes closest to the intended economic purpose of the invalid provision. The preceding provision applies mutatis mutandis to the closure of any gaps.  


Last updated: November 2017 


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