Community Rules



We’re a global community and a melting pot of different cultures, age groups and faiths. We want CAMOONI to be a place you’re happy to visit and where you enjoy sharing content and networking with members from all over the world. CAMOONI should always be an authentic, safe and trustworthy place, which is why we ask you to respect other members and comply with our GTC and community rules.

Below you’ll find our community standards which explain the kind of content that is not permitted on CAMOONI and should therefore be reported without delay so we can remove it or issue a warning. This means that we need your help to keep CAMOONI a safe and positive place where you enjoy spending time. If you come across anyone or content that violates our guidelines, please report it immediately.

As a CAMOONITY member you agree to abide by the following rules. Should you breach them, your content may be blocked or deleted, and we may ban you from the CAMOONITY without serving prior notice and without prior consultation.

Mutual respect within the CAMOONITY!



The following content is strictly prohibited on CAMOONI:

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